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Emergency Field Service

J Pawlowski & Associates is ready, 24•7, to provide Emergency Field Service throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.
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Preventative Maintenance

J Pawlowski & Associates comprehensive maintenance programs inspect, test and service all types of power systems.
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J Pawlowski & Associates testing programs minimize costly equipment failures, safety risks, and service outages.
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About Us

The core of J Pawlowski & Associates is father-and-son engineer team, John and Jack Pawlowski, and field engineering veteran Jerry Black.

Bringing over 100 years of combined experience, we serve the Mid-Atlantic's electrical testing and service needs. The company's veteran engineers, technicians, and courteous customer service staff are professional, knowledgable, and responsive.

Commercial, utility, and industrial companies comprise J Pawlowski & Associates diverse client base. The seasoned staff handles everything from municipal electrical systems to nuclear power plants.

Specialty areas include:

Acceptance and Maintenance Testing
We provide an independent, objective, and thorough assessment of electrical equipment. A start-up assessment prevents future problems and reduces liability. Two primary areas are assessed:

  1. Equipment
    Sensitive electrical equipment is easily damaged by vibration, moisture exposure, and other variables. Assessment and maintenance testing ensures the transportation and installation process has not comprised the equipment.
  2. Installation
    Testing exposes underlying electrical or mechanical issues and reveals installation errors.

Infrared and Ultrasonic Inspection
Our expert team safely identifies electrical system problems using infrared thermography. Infrared thermography visualizes heat utilizing a specialized camera. Infrared thermography advantages include:

  • Quick problem detection minimizes service interruptions
  • Unscheduled power outage reduction
  • Troubleshooting time reduction

Electrical system applications are power generation inspections, substation inspections, overhead electrical distribution inspections, electrical motor inspections, and battery load inspections.

Transformer Transformer Dielectric Fluid Sampling and Analysis
We can perform Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) and Oil Content evaluation on switchgear’s insulating fluids. Fluids include Mineral Oils, PCB’s, Perc, R-Temp, and Silicone-based oils, all normally chemically stable oils. A Dissolved Gas analysis reveals gases present, identifying current and potential future fault conditions.

Protective Relay Calibration and Testing
J Pawlowski & Associates thoroughly evaluates protective relays and other metered instruments, utilizing calibration and test procedures. Experienced field engineers regularly set, program, test, and calibrate energy meters, protective relays, and indicating meters. Tests incude 3-Phase generation, line distance, differential, and power relays for planned equipment maintenance and emergencies.

Power Factor Testing
Power Factor testing efficiently pinpoints an electrical breakdown’s exact location. Our power factor testing includes transformers, oil circuit breakers, generators, lightning arrestors, and more electrical equipment. Immediate test results save time and speed up issue resolution.

Circuit Breaker Testing, Maintenance, and Repair
Circuit breakers are a critical safety mechanism in electrical equipment. We can keep Low, Medium, and High Voltage circuit breakers performing optimally with testing, maintenance, and repair.

Transformer and Switchgear Testing
An electrical system’s foundation are the transformers and switchgear. An issue with either ripples throughout the electrical system. J Pawlowski & Associates performs routine maintenance and Emergency Field Service, minimizing costly service interruptions.

Retrofitting of Low Voltage Circuit Breakers
We can analyze older low-voltage circuit breakers functionality and condition. The overcurrent devices on older low-voltage circuit breakers often become out-of-date and unstable. J Pawlowski & Associates repairs, reconditions, retrofits, and replaces older circuit breaker components, increasing reliability and longevity. Manufacturers serviced include ABB, Allis Chalmers, BBC, Cutler Hammer, Federal Pacific, GE, ITE, Siemens, Square D, and Westinghouse.