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Service Testing

Emergency Field Service

J Pawlowski & Associates is ready, 24•7, to provide Emergency Field Service throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.
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Preventative Maintenance

J Pawlowski & Associates comprehensive maintenance programs inspect, test and service all types of power systems.
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J Pawlowski & Associates testing programs minimize costly equipment failures, safety risks, and service outages.
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Service Testing

Acceptance and Maintenance Testing - J Pawlowski & Associates can provide an independent, objective, assessment of electrical equipment. A start-up assessment prevents future problems and reduces liability. Two primary areas are assessed:

  1. Equipment
    Sensitive electrical equipment is easily damaged by vibration, moisture exposure, and other variables. Assessment and maintenance testing ensures the transportation and installation process has not comprised the equipment.
  2. Installation
    Testing exposes underlying electrical or mechanical issues and reveals installation errors.

ARC Flash Hazard Analysis - We perform on-site ARC Flash Hazard evaluations of electrical systems, identifying potential risk areas. Experienced field service engineers offer detailed guidance and suggest adjustments to reduce personnel exposure to ARC flash hazards.

The ARC Flash Hazard Analysis is performed in accordance with industry standards, including NEC, OSHA, and NFPA, and provides a documented engineering report with detailed instructions, ensuring the safety of the facility’s personnel and equipment.

A. C. Coordination - Our power system study minimizes service interruptions under overload and short-circuit conditions. The study protects the system against damage from transient over-current and faults, determining the magnitude of currents flowing throughout the power system. The result is fewer service interruptions and better overall system protection.

Infrared and Ultrasonic Inspection - J Pawlowski & Associates safely identifies electrical system problems using infrared thermography. Infrared thermography visualizes heat utilizing a specialized camera. Infrared thermography advantages include:

  1. Quick problem detection minimizes service interruptions
  2. Unscheduled power outage reduction
  3. Troubleshooting time reduction

Electrical system applications include power generation inspections, substation inspections, overhead electrical distribution inspections, electrical motor inspections, and battery load inspections.

Transformer Dielectric Fluid Sampling and Analysis - Our expert team can perform Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) and Oil Content evaluation on switchgear’s insulating fluids. Fluids include Mineral Oils, PCB’s, Perc, R-Temp, and Silicone-based oils, all normally chemically stable oils. A Dissolved Gas analysis reveals gases present, identifying current and potential future fault conditions.

Protective Relay Calibration and Testing - We can evaluate protective relays and other metered instruments, utilizing calibration and test procedures and test 3-Phase generation, line distance, differential, and power relays for planned equipment maintenance and emergencies.

Power Factor Testing - Power Factor testing efficiently pinpoints an electrical breakdown’s exact location. We can perform power factor testing on transformers, oil circuit breakers, generators, lightning arrestors, and more electrical equipment. Immediate test results save time and speed up issue resolution.

Circuit Breaker Testing, Maintenance, and Repair - J Pawlowski & Associates keeps Low, Medium, and High Voltage circuit breakers performing optimally with testing, maintenance, and repair.

Transformer and Oil Circuit Breaker Testing - An electrical system’s foundation are the transformers and oil circuit breakers. An issue with either ripples throughout the electrical system. Our maintenance and Emergency Field Service minimizes such costly service interruptions.

Retrofitting of Low Voltage Circuit Breakers - We're experts at analyzing older low-voltage circuit breakers functionality and condition to address any overcurrent problems. We can repair, recondition, retrofit, and replace older circuit breaker components, increasing reliability and longevity. Manufacturers we service include: ABB, Allis Chalmers, BBC, Cutler Hammer, Federal Pacific, GE, ITE, Siemens, Square D, and Westinghouse.

Cable Testing - J Pawlowski & Associates' expert team tests cables using specially designed equipment. The following situations require cable testing:

  1. Testing a newly installed cable for device defects (prior to energizing the cable)
  2. Tracking the condition and deterioration of old cables
  3. Verifying joints and splices

We can test cables using an AC or DC hipot or via VLF (Very Low Frequency) testing. Cable testing increases safety, prevents equipment damage, and greatly reduces the likelihood of a major fault.

Emergency Transfer Switch Testing, Maintenance, and Repair - Automatic transfer switches (ATS) power emergency generators and an ATS’s safe and reliable operation becomes critical in an emergency power situation. We can perform ATS routine maintenance, load testing, and repair, ensuring power systems are emergency-ready.

Grounding and Earth Resistance Testing - J. Pawloswki and Associates are experts in electrical system grounding. Earth grounding is a critical safety measure, providing many benefits:

  1. Protecting personnel from shock/fire hazards
  2. Safeguarding sensitive electronic equipment
  3. Providing protection from large electrical disturbances (including lightning)
  4. Limiting voltage to within insulation ratings
  5. Providing a path-to-ground in a fault condition

Motor Testing and Surge Analysis - J Pawlowski & Associates evaluates electrical motor conditions using portable monitoring equipment. Without shutting down the process, we can perform analysis identifying issues prior to equipment failure. Analysis types include:

  • Surge Testing data analysis to determine the motor winding condition
  • Power Analysis analyzing power quality, circuit conditions and motor efficiency
  • Current analysis identifying rotor defects and air gap fault zones

Our report identifies key motor equipment condition and feature comprehensive graphs, screen plots, and historical comparisons.

Generator Testing and Inspection - A power generator shutdown is a key opportunity for testing a generator’s insulation and core iron conditions. Our electrical tests include polarization index, dielectric absorption, pole balance, winding resistance, impedance, and power factor testing. Experienced technicians also inspect generator wedges and end blockings.

Battery Testing and Inspection - Battery banks fuel an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), providing an independent power source. Undercharged batteries weaken performance, while overcharged batteries can release explosive gases. Load testing is the only accurate method to determine a battery’s capacity. Aditional battery maintenance services include:

  • System and Battery Load Testing
  • Battery and UPS System Installation
  • Battery Inspection
  • 24•7 Emergency Repair